Statement on Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate

“Tonight’s Vice Presidential debate went exactly as expected. We heard Governor Pence explain policies that will make our country great again, such as fixing our broken immigration system and bringing back American jobs, while maintaining a calm demeanor when attacked by his rival Obama-Clinton mouthpiece, Tim Kaine. Mike Pence has a record of growing jobs, cutting taxes and reforming regulations, while the opposite can be said of Tim Kaine’s record. Americans saw one candidate worthy of the title of Vice President tonight, and that is Governor Mike Pence.”

In Depth: Ag-Tourism across Northwest Ohio

Autumn brings new adventures for Ohio Tourism.

Join us as we feature a some of Northwest Ohio’s best kept secrets, that offer a perfect way to unwind.

Senate Report: August 29-September 2, 2016

The state capital budget shines brightly with the grand opening of a new showcase for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
Join us as we feature the Perkins wildlife Center, dedicate upgrades at Cave Lake and see how a new law helps a tasty growth industry.

Conservative State Legislators for State Based Reform

Back in March, I helped draft a letter to all the presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat. The intent was to have my colleagues, not just here in Ohio but across the country, to sign on in support of the 5 main tenets on the shared relationship between the states and federal government.

Take a moment and read through the letter, I am sure you’ll agree with the points we have made.

Click to ADD YOUR NAME to the letter.

In Depth: New Efforts in the Fight Against Infant Mortality

A new strategy to make sure babies make it to their first birthday.
This week Senator Shannon Jones held a summit with those serving on the front lines in the fight against infant mortality.
Those are the people who work in the neighborhoods.

Senate Report: May 23-27, 2016

This Memorial Day we honor those who paid the price of freedom with their lives. Watch our Senate Report as we bring you the moving story of a Holocaust survivor, and a WWII Army veteran, who helped liberate a concentration camp.

A Time to Remember the Sacrifice of our Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day is about so much more than summer barbeques and bright, candy-filled parades. It is a time to honor the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform.

Established in the wake of massive Civil War casualties, Memorial Day was initially called Decoration Day. Every year on May 30th, after weeks of preparation, members of the military – joined by ladies’ societies, veterans, a band and schoolchildren towing wagons full of flowers – would march in detailed precision to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers. Afterwards, everyone would gather in local churches for memorial services honoring those who gave their lives fighting for our nation’s freedom.

Many of us know someone who once served in the military or someone who is currently stationed overseas. We keep their names, faces and stories in our hearts as we pause and give thanks for their selfless devotion to their country, and we remember those who have gone before them.

Ohio has suffered the loss of 275 brave soldiers since 2003. We are proud to claim them as Buckeyes and humbled to remember their courage. Here in the Ohio Senate, we seek to pass legislation that honors the memory of the fallen and lightens the burden on the families they left behind.  In 2014, we passed a bill to designate State Route 67 in Auglaize County as the “Staff Sgt. Sonny Zimmerman Memorial Highway.” State Sgt. Zimmerman lost his life while stationed in Afghanistan in July 2013. While we can never truly thank people like Staff Sgt. Zimmerman for their tremendous sacrifice, measures like this are a small way to demonstrate our gratitude to his wife, daughter and all the loved ones he left behind.

While Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty, it is important to remember that those who made it back home have made incredible sacrifices as well. We in the Senate must do all we can to support Ohio’s veterans. One example of the support we try to offer is a bill currently under consideration in a Senate committee that would standardize veteran identification cards in Ohio. If passed, this bill will ensure that veterans who are currently unable to receive a veteran ID card from the federal government or their local registrar’s office still have the opportunity to access restaurant and retail discounts, job applications benefits and veteran hospital services. Our veterans put their lives on the line in service to our country. When they come home safely, it is our turn to serve them. We honor the fallen by caring for the living.

Whether you take time this Memorial Day to place a bouquet on the grave of a loved one or march in a parade, this weekend is an opportunity for all of us to express gratitude for the sacrifice that preserves our freedom.

The Senate Report: May 2-6

This week we recognize the extraordinary efforts of students, parents and teachers in Ohio’s charter school community.
Parents know what educational setting best fits their children.

The Senate Report: April 11-15, 2015

The Senate invests more than $2 billion dollars into Ohio communities.
Watch this week’s Senate Report and hear from YSU President Jim Tressel about how the Capital Budget Bill helps power business and innovation.