Senator Faber’s Summer Newsletter, 2012

August 15, 2012

Summer 2012 Newsletter


Dear Friends:

It is a wonderful honor to serve as your State Senator this year. As your State Senator it is my responsibility to represent your beliefs and values, in addition to making sure that your opinions are voiced in the Statehouse.

Job creation and economic growth are at the forefront of our efforts to improve Ohio and already we are beginning to see improvements. As outlined in this newsletter, many local employers are adding or keeping jobs in our district as they recognize that West Central Ohio is a good place to do business.

While the rating agencies were downgrading the country’s credit rating this past spring, the bond-rating agency Moody’s upgraded Ohio’s credit outlook from “negative” to “stable”.  Ohio is currently ranked as number one state in the Midwest for job creation. This is a promising change for the future of our great State, and directly reflects the positive changes we are making right here in Ohio.

I will continue to work on the issues important to you and your family’s future.  You can read about some of the legislation I have worked on in the remainder of this newsletter.  I hope that you find this update helpful and informative.

As always should you have any questions or concerns about State Government, please let us know. I wish you a safe and happy summer, and look forward to seeing you at the local festivals and fairs this year!


Tax Relief

We finally were able to abolish Ohio’s estate tax, also known to many as the “Death Tax.” This will save families, farmers and small businesses in Ohio over $300 million annually. At the same time we reinstated the final installment of the 21% income tax cut, which was postponed by the prior governor. This puts back over $800 million dollars in the pockets of Ohio families.

To help small business, we created InvestOhio, a new program that allows Ohioans, who are making an investment in a small business, to receive a tax credit of 10% if they keep the investment for a minimum of two years. This extra tax relief will allow Ohioans to hold onto the extra money and will give farmers and small business owners more freedom to invest in growth.


Regulatory Reform

I have come to realize that government often fails to use common sense in addressing state issues. As the chairman of the Regulatory Reform Task Force, I have spent time getting feedback from residents on how to improve state government. After hearing from many hard-working small business owners, economic development experts, and private citizens we finally moved regulatory reform forward with the passing of Senate Bill 2; a Bill focused on restoring government efficiency in Ohio’s businesses. For the first time Columbus bureaucrats must show that the benefits of the regulation outweigh the costs and they must provide appropriate flexibility for small businesses to comply with new rules.


Pro-life Legislation

I am pleased to report that this General Assembly has been the most pro-life legislature in Ohio history. We have passed seven pro-life bills that have been signed into law. This includes a law that bans abortions once the baby is viable.

House Bill 125, also known as “The Heartbeat Bill,” is currently sitting before a committee which I am not a member of, the Senate Health, Human Services, and Aging Committee. However, if House Bill 125 is brought to the Senate floor to be voted on, I will vote for the Bill and add my name as a co-sponsor. HB 125 is directed at protecting the lives of the unborn and establishing a state that respects human beings at all stages in life. Nevertheless, there is disagreement within the pro-life community as to whether to move forward with HB 125 in its present form. Ohio Right to Life, National Right to Life and the Catholic Conference have all expressed concerns over moving forward with the House passed version of the Bill. It has been argued that the current form of the bill would be found unconstitutional with two key provisions being subjected to scrutiny: the prohibition of any abortions after the detection of a heartbeat and requiring pregnant women to be notified of the child’s heartbeat before consenting to an abortion. While all within the pro-life community agree with moving forward with the second provision, some fear a negative ruling on the first provision may jeopardize progress that has already been accomplished with other laws in our fight against abortion. Despite the current dialogue on how to best move forward, I would like to emphasize that we who are defending the sanctity of life have the same goal: protect human life at all stages.

You can read more on the “Heartbeat Bill”


Local 12th District Job Growth:

We are starting to see progress in job growth and retention in the 12th Senate District. Mercer County currently has the lowest unemployment in Ohio at 4.2% followed closely by Auglaize County at 5.5%. All seven counties in the district are participating in the recovery and have had their unemployment rates fall significantly.

Here is just a brief list of some of the many employers who have added or retained jobs in the District.

  • Ford Motor Company (Lima), Allen County, 175 created, 300 retained.
  • Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center, Inc., Allen County, 5 created.
  • The P&G Manufacturing Co., Allen County, 77 created, 584 retained.
  • Dickman Supply, Inc., Shelby County, 15 created, 111 retained.
  • FRAM, Darke County, 165 created.
  • Hughey & Phillips, Champaign County, 30 created, 21 retained.
  • Rittal, Champaign County, 118 created, 537 retained.
  • The Dannon Company, Inc., Auglaize County, 100 created, 408 retained.
  • Veyance Technologies, Inc., Auglaize County, 15 created, 389 jobs retained.
  • Whirlpool Corporation, Darke County, 65 created, 636 retained.
  • AG Conversions, LLC, Mercer County, 60 created.
  • Continental Carbonic Products, Inc., Darke County, 72 created.
  • Village of Lewisburg, Preble County, 4 created, 28 retained.
  • Midmark Corporation, Darke County, 63 created, 761 retained.
  • Best One Tire, Allen County, 57 created, 75 retained.
  • Calvary Industries, Allen County, 20 created.
  • Kettle Creations, Allen County, 15 created.
  • Diamond Machine, Allen County, 25 created.
  • Wingate Hotel, Allen County, 48 created.
  • Pandora Gran, Allen County, 2 created, 32 retained.
  • K & M Tire, Allen County, 10 created.
  • Ineos, Allen County, 145 retained.
  • HCF, across District, 52 retained.
  • PSC Nitrogen, Allen County, 19 created.


Here are some of the County Cumulative Job Totals as reported by local authorities:

Mercer: 705 created.
Darke: 661 created, 1397 retained.
Allen: 405 created, 1236 retained.
Champaign: 473 created, 558 retained.
Preble: 98 created, 28 retained.
Shelby: 15 created, 111 retained.
Auglaize and Logan: Totals not yet available.

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