Senator Faber’s Weekly Newsletter Week of April 9, 2012

May 8, 2012

Ohio Awards More Than $140,000 to Keep Local Communities Clean

Helping keep our local cities, towns, and townships clean is important for us today and our children tomorrow. That is why I am pleased to say that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has recently announced awarding grants to local organizations in order to combat the issue of littering.

The ODR released more than $140,000 for these efforts across the state of Ohio. Locally, this means that groups in Auglaize, Darke, Allen, and Mercer counties will have a little help in keeping those areas environmentally clean. All in all, our area will receive almost $7,000 towards these clean-up efforts.

I would like to recognize the organizations that have stepped forward to be thoughtful stewards of our community. They are: Auglaize SWD, Darke County SWMD, Keep Allen County Beautiful, and Mercer County SWMD. Thanks to the volunteers with these organizations, the state can partner with local groups and individuals to improve the experience of every resident in the area.

The funds awarded by the ODNR can be used in conjunction with local funds and seek to clean up a designated portion of the local area or to provide education or awareness on the effects of litter and pollution. The funding for the outreach is provided through ODNR’s Litter Clean Up Grant Program.

The clean up activities will take place from now until May 31st.

Local Focus: Area Chamber of Commerce Honors Local Business

Economic recovery starts at home. That is why the efforts of local business and individuals is so important for the recovery of our area and the state. According to a recent story in the Wapakoneta Daily News, seven area businesses were honored by the Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce for investing in the local community and creating economic growth and jobs.

Businesses like FABrehab Services were able to expand from one to four offices last year and, as a direct result, increased the number of new-hires by 150 percent. Other success stories included the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, which saw an increase of nearly 5,000 visitors and Greve Sales & Service, which increased vehicle sales by 40 percent and inventory by 50 percent.

Chamber President Dan Lee noted that the success of these businesses in this harsh economic climate shows that the area is moving forward. More importantly, Mr. Lee stated that local business leaders do not need to wait on the federal or state government to move forward. I wholeheartedly agree and thank local community businesses for leading the way to economic recovery, prosperity, and the creation of jobs for folks in our area.

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